Annie Holden Makes Your Bra Functional

by Jack Guy

Apr 20, 2016

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While there are plenty of options for travel pants, jackets and shoes, the humble bra has been sadly neglected.


Luckily, Annie Holden decided to change that when she came up with the Travel Bra. Other pieces of travel gear are too obvious, betraying their function through strange styling, but the travel bra looks like any other piece of underwear in your wardrobe.


Many women around the world use their bras to hide money or their mobile phones when traveling. Now there is a custom-built solution that makes it more comfortable and convenient than ever to keep your valuables safe. Among the hidden pockets are a small section for a USB drive or jewelry, and a space to store cash.



On the other side of the bra is a space for your hotel room key or credit card, while there is even a foldout passport holder. You may be wondering how comfortable a bra that can hold so much stuff is going to be, but the manufacturers used soft bamboo, organic cotton and spandex to guarantee your comfort even during a long day traveling. They’ve been careful to get rid of irritating labels and bindings, making the experience as comfortable as possible.


The whole bra is designed to keep you comfortable even while keeping your valuables safely out of sight. To that end, it features wide shoulder straps which won’t dig into your skin while you’re on the move.


There are currently three versions of the Travel Bra available: Original, Ultralight and Runner’s. They start at $59.99 from the company website following a successful Kickstarter campaign.



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