Använda Bag

by Benjamin Kerns

Apr 18, 2019

hanging bag © Peshkova | Dreamstime

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The Använda Bag is a great f*cking bag. At least, that’s what the folks at Använda Team believe.


They set out to create a no-frills bag that could carry all the stuff you need, and that’s exactly what they did. The Använda Bag is well designed, but not bulky; large enough to hold your necessities, but not cluttered with pockets; and sleek enough to make you look good on the go.


Each bag contains an internal pocket for your laptop and two smaller, inner pockets toward the front. They’re made with soft Italian and vegetarian leather with a heavy-duty canvas covering on the outside. There’s also a silver-infused, antibacterial liner to keep it from getting moldy and gross. The reflective waterproof cover just adds a little more protection from the elements.


The Använda Bag currently comes in two sizes — regular and large. The regular size holds 17 liters and weighs 2.2 pounds when empty. It sits at 15.7 inches, so it can hold just about any laptop up to 13 inches. The large version is 27 liters and 19.7 inches, great for travelers with laptops up to 15 inches. They also currently come in 10 different designs, so there’s definitely something to fit your style.


The Använda Bag begins shipping this month with prices set at $139 for the regular size and $169 for the large. Head over to the website to check out more information on features and how to snag one for yourself.



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