Ayurveda is All the Rage in Kerala

by Margaret Ulrich

Jan 4, 2015

Kerala, India © Skouatroulio | Dreamstime

Health & Wellness

As alternative medicine takes off in the West, it has been seen for centuries as simply traditional in many other places. Since the popularity of yoga put India back on the map to the outside world, its “sister science” of alternative medicine is not far behind.


Ayurveda, translated to mean the knowledge of life, is an ancient Indian healing practice passed down for thousands of years and is still actively used today. Without committing to any serious treatments — those should obviously be done with caution — travelers can experience this art of healing in the popular form of massage.


There are an abundance of Ayurvedic massage clinics throughout the southern region of Kerala, the original location of Ayurveda, and all offer varying massages. Here are a few things to know before visiting the masseuse.


The massage beds are hard, wooden tables. Think of it more as a healing treatment than pampering and it won’t seem so strange.


There is an enormous amount of oil used. The masseuse uses oils for their deep, moisturizing abilities, but also to be able to perform the treatment properly.


The treatment is unlike most massages because it is more of a movement of energy than deep tissue work. The masseuse basically pours oil on the skin and, according to their unique understanding of the inner body’s workings, rubs that oil in specific directions.


Although it may seem strange at first, more and more travelers are flocking to the coastal region to experience this unique style of healing.



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