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Baby Boomer Bucket List Trends

by Susan Finch

Nov 6, 2019

Bongeunsa Temple © Sane639 | Dreamstime.com
History is only one of the many reasons to add the beautiful destination of South Korea to your bucket list. From ancient religious sites to political, cultural and historical landmarks, there are plenty of things to see on your visit. Here are seven top picks.

Trends / Top Trends

Trends like experiential travel may be on the rise thanks to millennials, but baby boomers also hold tightly to their bucket list. According to research from AARP, 24 percent of baby boomers view international vacations as an opportunity to fulfill bucket lists. The research also found younger generations view similar international trips as a chance for a multigenerational vacation or just another summer vacation. Baby boomers are also expected to take up to five leisure trips over the next year, with about half choosing to travel both domestically and abroad. Europe is still the favored destination among boomers, with 41 percent reporting an upcoming trip overseas. Other respondents elected the Caribbean, Asia, and the Middle East on their wish list.


With international travel in mind, baby boomers also gravitate to European river cruises to save an overview of the area for a unique wanderlust experience. Although big cruise lines are still in demand, more baby boomers look toward smaller river cruises. The smaller ships offer an intimate opportunity to check locations off their bucket lists. Baby boomers are increasingly planning immersive experiences abroad to get a hands-on, in-depth view of the culture, beliefs and food at a slower pace. Like younger generations, baby boomers are increasingly looking to experience destinations as a local for a more satisfying travel experience.




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May 21, 2020

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May 20, 2020


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