Beautiful and Dangerous: The Didi Galgalu Survival Knife

by Benjamin Kerns

Nov 5, 2015

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When it comes to survival knives, there’s no such thing as too sharp. Helle knows this well, which is why they’ve developed the Didi Galgalu Survival Knife with a stainless-steel blade designed to cut through any obstacle in your path.


The Didi Galgalu is named after the desert in Northern Kenya, a harsh environment where only the toughest frontiersmen survive. The knife is made with an African Kiaat wood and Vulcanfibre handle, Scandinavian stainless-steel ground blade and a genuine leather sheath.


It stands at 129 millimeters and weighs only 193 grams, so it won’t weigh you down when you’re trekking through the woods.


Helle has always had a reputation for developing beautifully crafted knives, but until now never had a real contender in the bushcraft market. The Didi Galgalu was made to serve that need and it seems to excel in every way.


Outdoorsman looking for a sturdy blade that can be used out on a hike or camping trip will be more than satisfied with this guy, though we can’t be sure how much wear and tear it’ll take until it’s been in the field a little longer.


You can learn more about the Didi Galgalu on Helle’s website and search for retailers in your area.



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