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Best Places to Escape January on a Budget

by Jack Guy

Dec 13, 2016

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After the excitement of Christmas comes the lull of January, with its New Year’s resolutions and terrible weather.


There is no better time to skip town and find some sun, or at least some warmer weather, abroad. It might sound like a luxury to leave the worst of winter behind you, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.


For U.S. residents, Mexico has always been a popular getaway. You’ll find hundreds of cheap flights to Cancun, from where the small beach town of Tulum is just a two-hour drive away. It’s an idyllic place, with Mayan ruins overlooking the beach, and the weak Mexican peso makes everything more affordable.


For something a bit further afield, take a look at Cambodia. Flights might cost you a bit more, but the cost of living is incredibly low, and there is a lot of fascinating local culture to see. From the temples of Siem Reap to the Killing Fields, the history of Cambodia never ceases to amaze.


Back in Latin America, Ecuador is another great escape option. With friendly locals and a dollar economy, it’s easy to fit right in. Beach towns such as Montanita are busy with travelers from all over South America, thanks to the January summer holidays for students, or you might prefer to check out the mountainous terrain around Banos.


If you can’t stand the thought of spending a cold, grey January at home, have a think about booking a ticket to one of these destinations. You’ll never think about January in the same way if you do.



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