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Brita Sport Water Bottle

by Matt Ellis

Sep 21, 2014

Oahu, Hawaii © Nalukai | Dreamstime

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“Don’t drink the water” is travel advice that is a lot more popular than we’d like. Even in civilized tourist spots, we spend a few moments staring at the sink and contemplating, “How thirsty am I?” Even if it won’t make you sick, the taste of tap water alone fueled the entire bottled water industry. But what do you do if you can’t find Fiji in Fiji?


The Brita Sports Water Bottle is a great buy for any home — but for travel it’s even better. This 20-ounce water bottle contains a miniature Brita purifier right in the spout, so the water is actually filtered as you sip. Each filter has a lifespan of either 256 refills, two months or 40 gallons, so unless you like Italy so much you decide not to leave, you’ll be covered your entire trip.


Don’t waste money on bottled water on vacation (there will be plenty else to spend money on). But don’t risk drinking contaminated water, either. The Brita Sports Water Bottle saves you money, keeps you healthy and is small enough for easy packing. Learn more at their website.



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