Essential Multitasking Pieces You Need in Your Bag

by Kissairis Munoz

Nov 22, 2014

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With baggage and carry-on allowances getting stingier all the time, it’s important to pack items that can do double (or triple) duty. Check out our list for the ones you shouldn’t leave home without.



What can’t you use a sarong for? This Indian fashion staple is a favorite among female travelers and it’s no wonder why. Use it to cover up shoulders when visiting conservative sites like churches or temples. Protect yourself from over-air-conditioned bus and train rides by using it as a blanket. Throw it on suspicious-looking hostel beds and use as a bed sheet or pillow. Take it on the beach to serve as a beach towel — or a bathing suit cover up, its original purpose.


USB Wall Charger

With more travel items requiring battery power than ever before, with a USB wall charger, you won’t be a slave to a single outlet in your hostel or hotel room. Charge several electronics at once from just one outlet. Anker’s 4-Port USB Wall Charger Travel Adapter is an inexpensive option that’s dual voltage, making it suitable for both domestic and international travel.


Face Cleansing Wipes

Not only are face wipes awesome for long flights or multi-day treks, they’re great for freshening up when there’s no shower available, spot cleaning clothing or wiping down icky-looking surfaces.



A small tub of Vaseline serves so many purposes. Keep lips moisturized by using it as a balm. Get hard-to-remove makeup off with it. Soothe cracked heels or soften cuticles with it. Use it to keep eyebrows or flyaways in place. At just a few dollars a pop and widely available worldwide, it’s worth it.



Wear underneath jeans or pants to double on warmth, throw on under short skirts or long tops to make outfits more conservative, wear as impromptu workout pants or put ‘em on as pajama bottoms.



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