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Explore Peruvian Cuisine with New Experiences

by Holly Riddle

Jul 8, 2019

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Trends / Food & Drink

New experiences from Sumaq Machu Picchu allow you to explore Peruvian cuisine on an entirely unprecedented level.


We all know the pisco sour, one of Peru’s most beloved cocktails, but what about Caña Alta? Experience this super-local spirit at the property’s bar starting now. What exactly is Caña Alta? The spirit is made from distilled sugar cane and other native ingredients from the Cusco region in particular, such as organic botanicals and medicinal herbs. For a unique cocktail, the bar mixes it with triple sec, eucalyptus syrup, pineapple and lemon.


If you prefer coffee to cocktails, the property has you covered there as well. It just released a new organic coffee menu, so you can pick your morning brew from three of the best super-local Peruvian coffees, all harvested from nearby mountains and jungles.


Don’t leave the little travelers in your bunch out of the fun. Kids traveling to the property can try traditional Peruvian cuisine tailored to their palates. The new kids menu includes a classic Peruvian chicken causa, filled with avocado and quail’s egg; a salad with mildly flavored Peruvian cheese; and chicken nuggets (of course), coated in an ancient grain enjoyed by the Incas.


Lastly, don’t miss a new gastronomy tour of Peru’s ancient potato fields. Corn and potatoes were historically huge crops for the Incas and this tour takes you along with agriculturalist Manuel Choqque (who dedicated his life to cultivating more than 350 types of native potatoes) to visit the Sacred Valley potato fields, before enjoying a tasting menu of unique dishes, a cooking class and a tuber-inspired fermentation tasting.



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