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Explore Through Community with Clockout

by Audrey Lee

Nov 5, 2021

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The pandemic has been hard on many people since 2020. From loneliness to the lack of human connection, young professionals say depression has affected them at some point. Through the new app Clockout, individuals can reconnect with like-minded people through mutual interests to find new friendships.


The platform is a cross between BumbleBFF and meetup.com, but more effective on the targeted users for a curated list of potential friends. The app has several features to help users find their community. On the explore panel, users can scroll through a list of events going on in their area. Some events include wine tasting, enrichment classes, volunteer opportunities, workshops, pickup games, mixers and holiday-themed events. These events are in group settings. Traveling to a new city can be hard but, with Clockout, travelers can find interesting events and work shops to fully immerse themselves into the culture of the city they are visiting.


On the next tab, app users can skim through other users and view profiles to create one-on-one connections. Unlike BumbleBFF, potential new friends aren’t given a check or an X. Once a profile is passed, it can be revisited at any time. This is an ideal way to make new friends and then attend an event together. For those who like planning, users can create their own events, classes or meetups.


Making connections is hard, but Clockout makes it easy to do right in the palm of your hand. While the app is currently being beta tested in New York City, there are plans to expand domestically and globally. Ideal for post graduates, nomadic travelers, city newcomers and young professionals, the Clockout app can help enrich social interactions and expand new networks.


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Nov 22, 2021

Xanterra’s Book Your Bucket List Sale

Park and resort management company Xanterra Travel Collection announced its Book Your Bucket List sale, offering travelers savings of up to 30 percent off national park experiences. Available Nov. 23–30, the sale grants travelers access to luxury resorts, tours and cruises at discounted rates.

A Taste of Greece

Prepare your taste buds for the trip of a lifetime in Greece. About 100 Greek products — from wines, cheese and fruits to honey and oils — earned a Protected Designation of Origin from the European Union, and the country’s most beloved dishes include Greek Choriatiki salad, tzatziki, souvlaki and moussaka, with its layers of eggplant, potato, minced meat and bechamel. And those are only a few of the many highlights.

Nov 19, 2021

Six Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals

With Black Friday right around the corner, it's time to start planning your steals and deals. Check out these six Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for resorts around the world.

Nov 18, 2021

Hotel Chicago West Loop Becomes City’s First All Street Mural Hotel

Hotel Chicago West Loop is Chicago’s first hotel to bring street art inside, and to every guestroom. The dual-purpose property doubles as an art gallery, and launched its “Annex Murals” exhibit in 2018 with 15 hand-painted rooms boasting the work of some of Chicago’s most celebrated urban artists, including Asend, JC Rivera and Eloo. Today, all 116 rooms at the hotel have been painted with street murals, becoming some of the most distinctive lodging spaces in the city.

Seek Wellbeing in Greece

The Greek tradition of health and wellness runs deep; travelers can find a multitude of therapies to meet their wellbeing needs, from healing spas, herbal therapies, hypnotherapy, massages and more. In Greece, the approach to wellness focuses on the “whole” and the ways in which the mind, body and soul interact. A state of balance is achieved through a good relationship between the emotional and natural state, which can be found throughout Greece at its more than 800 medicinal spas.

Nov 17, 2021

A Magical Christmas in Zürich

Zürich changes shape as the holiday approaches, becoming a winter wonderland full of busy markets, fondue chalets, candle dipping at Bürklipatz and light installations. For the first time ever, Zürich will also feature a pop-up hotel experience Nov. 26–Dec. 26.