Explore Walla Walla’s Tasting Rooms

by Megan Hill

Jul 29, 2016

© Minyun Zhou | Dreamstime

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The small, eastern Washington town of Walla Walla sits amid a highly respected wine region, so it’s no surprise the small downtown is packed with wineries and wine tasting rooms, all of which appear to be within just a few steps of each other.


To visit the tasting rooms, situate yourself along either Main Street or 2nd Avenue, and simply walk; you’ll easily find the tasting rooms with doors open, sandwich boards on the sidewalk and a convivial air from the patrons inside.


There are currently about 25 options for winery-based tasting rooms, with standouts like Cayuse Vineyards, Waterbrook Winery and Sleight of Hand Cellars. If you prefer to sample from several in one place, there are also three wine bars in town that can help: Caravaggio’s Lounge, The Vineyard Lounge and Vintage Cellars Wine Bar. The Marcus Whitman Hotel is also home to a handful of tasting rooms accessible from the street and from the lobby.


In between tastings, several great restaurants are worth visiting, from the more upscale Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen and Whitehouse-Crawford Restaurant to the much more down-to-earth — but equally outstanding — Andrae’s Kitchen, which serves inventive twists on sandwiches, hotdogs and tacos inside a gas station convenience store just a short drive or walk from downtown.


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