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Find a Modern Perspective on Luggage with Andiamo

by Matt Rimer

Jun 4, 2015

© Mikhail Starodubov | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

More than a century ago, the United Watch and Jewelry Company released the first suitcase — a small trunk designed to enable wealthy travelers to transport their goods in the midst of the transportation boom. Now, in 2015, another great leap in luggage will make its mark. Available in fall 2015, the Andiamo‘s new smart suitcase combines a classic design with 21st-century technology.


The Andiamo iQ Smart Suitcase ($599) comes with an assortment of features including a USB port for charging portable devices and a built-in digital scale. The suitcase works in conjunction with the Andiamo iQ multifunctional smartphone app that provides useful components like information regarding flights, airports and weather. The app also includes a remote lock/unlock system and distance monitoring alert that informs users when the suitcase travels more that 30 meters away. The iQ Smart Suitcase also offers a removable battery pack and a WiFi hotspot great for finding Internet service in problematic areas. Additionally, users can purchase local SIM chips at most destinations that can be used for international WiFi. For the time being, the suitcase is available only in a carry-on size; however larger models may be released in the future.


Learn more at andiamoluggage.com.



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