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How To Make Sure You’re Seated Together on a Flight

by Allie Moore

Sep 29, 2020

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Tips / Travel

Traveling with family or friends can be an opportunity for memories that last a lifetime, but also can be a stressful endeavor that tends to bring out the good sides and bad sides of everyone involved. To help your trip run as smoothly as possible when it comes to seating on your flights to and from your destination, here are a few tips to ensure you and your crew end up sitting together.


Book as early as possible. It’s no question the earlier you book, the more seat options you’ll have. If you’re not willing to pay extra for seats and instead choose to wait until check-in to claim your seat, you’ll be left with fewer options but may luck out once on board.


Fly during off-peak times of the year. Travel during low seasons and not around major holidays means increased seat availability.


Be polite and calm with fellow passengers. If you find out the flight isn’t full and that switching seats may be an option, do your best to remain calm and polite when asking seat neighbors to switch. If possible, devise a strategy in advance so whomever you ask to move will  move to the same type of seat (for example, switching from an aisle seat to another aisle seat).


Confer with airline staff. Another tactic involves speaking to the gate agent or the employee at the check-in desk. They have a full view of which seats are booked and which are available, and can assist you in changing your seats so you can sit with your traveling party.


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