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Learn How to Brunch in Berlin

by Sarah E. Vrba

Dec 7, 2014

Berlin, Germany © Rudi1976 | Dreamstime


Germany’s capital receives praise for its gripping architecture, stunning history and expansive nightlife, but many visitors may not realize Berlin is a hub of brunch culture. This city can fulfill your wishes for pastries, salads, decadent egg dishes and mueslis any day of the week. Berlin could arguably be called the brunch capital of the world.


Pick a Neighborhood

Berlin is vast and has four major neighborhoods, each with their own rich sense of style. If you want to do food tourism — which is highly recommended — travel to another neighborhood to get a taste of the different food styles Berlin has to offer. Mitte is the central neighborhood, and sits right in the middle of the city. Rife with monuments and museums this area is popular for tourists. Kreuzberg is the Bohemian center of the city and holds the famed East Side Gallery and some fantastic lunch spots. Both Prenzlauer Berg and Charlottenberg are slightly more upscale areas with many gorgeous brunch spots.


Upscale or Comfort

Here’s where your big decision comes into play. Do you want the chic comforts of Restaurant Weinrot in Charlottenberg in the Savoy Hotel, or the comforting classics of Kreuzberg’s famous Cafe Morgenland? On the weekend, you will want to plan ahead, research and make a reservation since everyone in Berlin enjoys a leisurely lunch. During the week you can often stroll along the streets of Charlottenberg or Kreuzberg and pick your brunch spot with ease. Most restaurants have tables out on the sidewalk to enjoy some refreshing air.


The Must-Haves

As in any food culture, there are plenty of dishes you simply can’t miss. The cold cut platters consist of smoked salmon, salamis, cheeses, eggs and rich, delicious breads. These are often served on tiered platters. Omelets and mueslis are also common items on a brunch menu. Finally, check out the cake display in many brunch spots. Berlin has the decadent, rich brunch cake idea down pat.



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