Fashionable Recommendations from LUXE City Guides

by Holly Riddle

Feb 8, 2016

Milan, Italy © Ioana Grecu | Dreamstime

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LUXE City Guides are part of a female-driven brand that focuses on a completely fashionable travel experience, giving readers only the best and hippest recommendations for accommodations, dining, shopping, tours and more. The guides are updated each and every year to ensure travelers are only receiving the most up-to-the-minute information and they firmly believe if they don’t include it, you don’t need it.


You can purchase city guides individually, in a box set or in a bespoke set. Destinations featured are only the most visited and posh in the world, with the top two bestselling guides being, of course, New York and Paris. Others include Milan, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Dubai and more. They also have created three Little LUXE guides, which cater to fashionable women traveling with their children and families in tow to Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali. Recommendations include child-friendly luxury hotels, educational attractions and nanny services. All individual city guides are priced at $12, a pretty affordable price when compared to some other city guides on the market.


The LUXE boxed sets are a bit pricier, at $95 for the Asian and Europe Grand Tour Boxes, and $145 for the Luxe World Grand Tour Box. The Asian Grand Tour Box was co-created with fashion company Shanghai Tang and features eight different city guides. The European Grand Tour Box also comes with eight city guides, while the LUXE World Grand Tour Box holds 12. The bespoke sets come in quantities of three, five and eight, at $36, $60 and $96 respectively, all tucked away in a leather or suede gift box.


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