Moonlight Camping App

by Allie Moore

Feb 13, 2018

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There are a multitude of travel-planning apps out there that help travelers decide what to pack, where to stay and how to get around, but most of these apps are geared toward long-distance trips or city breaks. Moonlight is a different kind of planning app that helps campers plan and prepare for adventures in the great outdoors.

Available for iOS devices, Moonlight comes from ACTIVE Network and appeals to camping enthusiasts who long for organization and trip collaboration. Rather than relying on the endless struggle of group texts, the app lets users compile information, create checklists and then share the information among contacts also taking part in the camping trip. Users can divide tasks and packing items among each other to ensure all equipment and provisions will be packed for the trip.

Moonlight’s premium version allows campers to input their camping location and the dates they plan to visit. Using this information, Moonlight will provide a list of reviews full of tips and opinions from past campers who visited the same site, plus a list of cooking suggestions and recipes for campsite meals.

The app is free to download for iOS users, with a premium version that costs $5.99 per year.

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