Paq Carry-On Travel Backpack

by Jack Guy

Dec 15, 2017

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Travel bags are a dime a dozen, but Paq thinks it developed the ultimate solution.

With many people only taking carry-on bags for short trips, it’s important to make the most of the space you have. With hidden compression straps, a laptop sleeve and an external battery pocket, the Paq helps you to take as much stuff as you need while remaining within the carry-on size limits.

The bag switches easily from backpack to duffel for ease of use, and also boasts rotating straps that help to avoid uncomfortable pressure points. There is also a pivoting hip belt that makes the bag super comfortable as a duffel.

The outer shell is durable and the materials look to be high quality. It looks like a solid bag even if there is a little to mark it out from the competition.

Luggage makers are looking for innovative ways to make hauling stuff easier and more comfortable. While the Paq offers good storage and variable carry modes, there are other bags out there pushing the boundaries further.

That said, the Paq is fairly affordable compared to competitors and could make a good budget choice. It is available in both 30- and 40-liter versions, which will retail for $188 and $198 respectively.


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