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by Holly Riddle

Apr 27, 2022

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Whether saving up for your next big trip or just your next big life purchase, if you’re managing money with a partner, things can get tricky. Qapital can help.


Forget spreadsheets and divvying up money after each payday. Qapital helps you create a personal money management program that works for two people.


It starts with being able to see all of your savings, investments and spending — both shared and separate — together in one place. This information can be drawn from multiple bank accounts, so you can swap financial info with your partner even if you don’t share an account. (However, if there’s certain financial info you don’t want your partner to see, you can adjust that in your app settings, too.)


Then, you can set shared goals, whether that’s a down payment on a house or a honeymoon. Rule settings will help you save even more without trying, such as the app’s round-up rule, which rounds up your purchases and then throws the extra change into savings.


Qapital plans come in three tiers. The Basic tier is $3 per month and includes the ability to create unlimited, personalized saving goals, use “rules” to trigger automatic saving, transfer money between goals, and share financial info with your partner.


The Complete tier is $6 per month and additionally offers the ability to pay your student loans from the app, use a Qapital Visa card and make investments from the app.


The Premier tier, at $12 per month, gives you access to new features and money missions, fun goals or tasks to complete with the intention of saving money. For example, a money mission might be to cancel a subscription service and start putting that monthly cost toward your savings goal.


However you use it, though, Qapital can help you save with your partner so you can build the financial life you want, together.


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Jun 2, 2023

Some of the World’s Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Phenomena: How You Can Experience Them

With Google searches for things like the Northern Lights increasing by more than 200 percent in the last year alone, it’s clear many travelers seek unique and astonishing natural phenomena across the world. Travel accommodation provider Coolstays compiled a list of some of the top sites to see the world’s best showcases of beauty.

Discover Nashville Neighborhoods

Whether you are interested in music, art, history, food, sports or fashion, Music City has something for everyone to sing about. Nashville is accessible, friendly and authentic, with diverse neighborhoods, a storied musical heritage and a creative culture that energizes the city.

Destinations / North America
Jun 2, 2023

Luxury Skincare Brand Comes to Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC

Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC recently announced it collaborated with luxury skincare brand Grown Alchemist to introduce new in-room bath and body care amenities. This marks the brand’s next step in luxury wellness offerings at the hotel, which also includes partnerships with MASK and Lululemon Studio.

Jun 1, 2023

Adventurous Epicureans, Don’t Miss Mendocino’s Second Annual Urchin Festival

The second annual UrchinFest arrives to the Mendocino Coast June 16–18, celebrating the tasty, fascinating, but also invasive purple sea urchin. During the festival, two local properties, Little River Inn and MacCallum House, offer all-inclusive packages for adventurous epicureans.

Fill Your Heart with Ireland

Whether it's the people, the craic (fun) or the coasts, travelers always find something to love about the island of Ireland. What fills your heart?

Destinations / North America
Jun 1, 2023

You Can Now Enjoy OLIPOP Beverages at These Miami and Los Angeles Hotels

Viral soda brand OLIPOP recently entered a multiyear partnership with several Miami and Los Angeles hotels, meaning you can now enjoy these delicious beverages from the comfort of your room or suite! SLS Brickell, SLS South Beach, SLS Lux Brickell, Hyde Midtown, Mondrian Los Angeles and MAMA Shelter Los Angeles, all part of Ennismore Hotels, now offer OLIPOP beverages within guestroom minibars, poolside and at each hotel’s restaurants and bars.