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Royce & Rocket Luggage

by Holly Riddle

Jun 9, 2022

© Royce & Rocket


Looking for a new piece of luggage? Royce & Rocket Luggage launches this summer as a new luggage brand designed to help travelers stay more organized. If you’ve ever left an item behind at a hotel or struggled to find that one specific thing as you dig through your oversized suitcase, this luggage brand is for you.



© Royce & Rocket


Created by mother-daughter team Rana and Camryn Lebowitz, Royce & Rocket luggage items are designed as a “mini closet.” The luggage features patent-pending built-in shelving (two fold-down, weight-bearing shelves in each suitcase) and optional packing cubes, but still manages to remain just as fashionable as it is functional. (Because we’ve all seen those packing cubes that are basically just an upgraded version of a zip-top baggy — no cuteness there.)


Royce and Rocket

© Royce & Rocket


So, what makes these suitcases different from other new and trending suitcases you’ve seen over the last few years?


According to Rana Lebowitz, in an Authority Magazine interview, “Over the past several years, weve seen a slew of exciting new startups enter the sector that have added their own twist to the industry, from technology to new-age branding. What these companies are mostly focused on, however, is bettering the time spent in transit. They think of their suitcase only as useful during the time from when you leave to when you arrive. We, on the other hand, are focused on the entire travel experience. Our products are made to better the process from before you even leave your house, through your entire trip and back again. Packing is a hassle and unpacking is even worse. Our goal is to design products that take this burden out of travel, so our customers can have deeper experiences.”


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