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Save Money on an Extended Road Trip

by Jill Kozak

Sep 20, 2014

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Nothing symbolizes freedom and adventure more than a road trip. Whether it’s for a move cross-country or a journey somewhere special with a group of friends, road trips are a great excuse to pack up, blast some music and make awesome memories.


With the cost of gasoline at an all-time high, here are some tips to save money on an extended road trip so you can stretch you dollar and focus on having fun instead of pinching pennies.


Carpool — This might be obvious, but the more people in your car, the more people to chip in for costs like gasoline and lodging.


Get a membership — Clubs like AAA, Fuel Rewards Network, Good Sam Club and Costco are a worthy investment if you plan on putting in some serious miles. Members receive discounts on gasoline, lodging, entertainment, car rentals and more.


Plan your route — While being spontaneous on a road trip is the ultimate adventure, apps like Roadtrippers can help you plan a direct route with cool sites to see along the way.


Use free WiFi — McDonald’s are in just about every small town in the country. Almost all of them offer free WiFi. This is a good chance to check your bank balance, send emails and catch up on paying bills, etc.


Pack your own food — Eating out is one sure way to burn through money quickly. Make it a point to invest in a cooler and pack your own sandwiches, healthy snacks and drinks. Stopping at grocery stores in small towns and big cities will help you avoid the drive-through line and save you a few bucks so you can hit the road a little longer.



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