Skyroll Wrinkle-Free Luggage Carrier

by Matt Rimer

Jan 28, 2015

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For frequent business travelers, transporting suits can often be a hassle. Some people will fold their suits into their suitcases, leaving creases and wrinkles. Others opt for suit bags, which can be awkward to carry and hard to store. However, Skyroll recently released a new product specifically designed to address this problem.


The Skyroll Garment Bag ($149.99) consists of two parts — the hollow cylinder (22 inches long by 8.5 inches) and a bag (47 inches by 22 inches), which wraps around it. The cylinder can hold a pair of shoes as large as size 14, as well as the free toiletry kit. The bag has enough room for two suits and has two mesh pockets — one small and one large inside the bag for additional items like ties or undergarments. The bag comes with an external pocket for storing airline tickets and reading materials and is made of 1200 denier ballistic fabric.


The Skyroll On Wheels ($249.99) is the suitcase version of the product. Like the original, this model include the rollable bag for suits, and instead of the small cylinder, has a large compartment for all other clothes. Where the standard model works for a weekend business trip, this version is more suitable for a longer excursion.


Also available is the Skyroll Spinner ($299.99) for storing a laptop as well as suits and clothes, and the Skyroll Toiletry Kit ($44.99).



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