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Top Destinations for Glamping

by Holly Riddle

Sep 28, 2018

Glamping © Chiyacat | Dreamstime

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Want to go glamping? These are some of the best destinations to get in tune with nature in style.

Mendocino, California

Mendocino is an artsy, cute town near the Pacific Ocean. It’s also home to Mendocino Grove, a glamping retreat that offers 60 camping tents ranging in extravagance. Amenities include things like hammocks, picnic tables and camping games, all while enjoying protection from (most of) the elements and a real bed. If you get antsy for a little civilization, you can just stroll the easy walk into town, which only takes about 20 minutes.


Yellowstone, Montana

Picturesque Yellowstone is prime glamping territory. It offers beautiful wilderness and all the aesthetic appeal you could want and new glamping providers with luxury accommodations as well. Try Under Canvas, where you can stay for as little as $160 per night, or Collective Retreats. Both specialize in simplistic, yet comfortable, accommodations in spectacular settings.



Would you believe this Southern state serves up some top-notch glamping experiences? You have several spots to choose from in Georgia. Little Raccoon Key is just 10 minutes from Jekyll Island and you get the entire private island to yourself. In Ellijay, Georgia, you can book spots on GlampingHub.com that feature cool, elevated dome tents, or the site also offers glamping accommodations in Flintstone, Georgia, in the form of a treehouse that sleeps four.



For a more tropical stay any time of year, head to Hawai’i. Bali House and Bali Cottage offer the full outdoor island experience, mixed with luxurious indoor living. The extremely expansive cottages are outfitted with everything you need; you also have all the equipment necessary for your explorations, from hiking to snorkeling. Other options include Yurt Village at Hawaiian Island Retreat, where you stay in, you guessed it, a yurt, but you also enjoy things like an infinity pool. If you want to combine your glamping with a hands-on foodie experience, you can stay at Honaunau Farm, where it’s easy to embrace the rural agrarian lifestyle through farming and permaculture experiences.



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