Top Eye Masks for Long Flights

by Emeri Callahan

Jan 14, 2019

sleep mask © Milkovasa | Dreamstime

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If you’re a frequent flyer, you know the importance of a good eye mask. Red-eye and long-haul flights will often offer them in airline travel kits, but finding the perfect eye mask to carry with you is a worthwhile undertaking. After split-testing over a dozen different eye masks, here are the three I recommend for long flights.


Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

Recently launched in 2018, the Cotton Sleep Eye Mask was made for comfort and flexibility for every head size. The hand-made mask is made from five layers of breathable cotton fabric, creating a luxuriously soft feel. A triangle wing over the nose stops the mask from moving and blocks out more light, so you’ll wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. $13.99


3D Sleep Mask

The 3D Sleep Mask is large and in charge, and blocks 100 percent of light with soft polyester fabric to create an absolutely dark sleep zone. The eye space is wider and deeper than most masks, so it takes up a significant portion of your face. If you’re trying to look cute while you snooze, this mask is not for you. The mask includes two air vents on both edges of the eye mask that allows healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out. $13.99


Unimi Sleep Mask

This the best of the bunch, and surprisingly the least expensive. The Unimi Sleep Mask is like a Tempurpedic mattress for your eyeballs. The memory foam material is deeper and longer than traditional masks, which gives your eyes and eyelids breathing room and doesn’t put any pressure on them. The mask contains two layers: low-rebound memory foam and elastic polyester so that even in the brightest light you will be in complete darkness while wearing the mask. $9.69


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