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Trakdot Luggage Tracker

by Akhil Kalepu

Nov 11, 2014

© Jaromír Chalabala | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

Lost luggage can ruin a vacation, whether you just got to your destination or just returned home and want to get back in your routine. Trakdot aims to eliminate some of that anxiety with its luggage-tracking device. Now when the airline representative says they will let you know when your bag is relocated, you can tell them where it is.


The 3-inch device registers your unit, email and cell phone number if you wish on the Trakdot website, allowing you to register several to a single unit. Two AA batteries power the Trakdot, which can detect the acceleration and deceleration of a plane to go into sleep mode and save your battery.


Once you have landed, an email or text alert will let you know where your bag is, and it even has a Bluetooth connection that will let your phone know when its within 30 feet of the bag, telling you if you are getting closer or farther. An app and traditional website give you extra options for checking the status of your luggage.


Most luggage trackers utilize a GPS system which comes with a hefty monthly fee. Trakdot instead operates on a GSM cellular network, which only charges you a $20 annual fee after the first year.


Learn more about the Trakdot at Trakdot.com.



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