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Goal Zero Switch 8

by Akhil Kalepu

Oct 9, 2014

© Ig0rzh | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

Travelers today have a wealth of technology at their disposal to aid them on their journeys, though battery life is the bane of their existence. While traveling to more remote parts of the world, electrical outlets are few and far between, making the Goal Zero Switch 8 an attractive accessory for the digital backpacker.


The Switch 8 is a solar recharging kit comprised of the Switch 8 battery pack and the Nomad 3.5 solar panel. The battery is capable of charging an iPhone 5 up to 90 percent, and also has an interchangeable tip that can be a USB charger, LED flashlight and an ultraviolet water purifier. The battery pack can be charged via USB, but the real appeal of this product is the Nomad 3.5 solar panel.


Two mono-crystal solar panels are housed in a rugged nylon case which folds like a binder. A sunny day will allow a user to fully charge the battery pack in five to 10 hours, though tests have shown it can charge even faster than that. Please note that the solar panel is not intended to directly charge devices, as it is designed to output only a 5V, 3.5-watt current.


Hikers and backpackers will no doubt find use for Goal Zero Switch 8. You can learn more about the Goal Zero solar charging kit at their website.



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