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Stay in the Driver’s Seat with CarMD

by Laura Hipshire

Oct 30, 2014

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Products / Technology

Are you clueless when it comes to figuring out what a particular knock or squeak means on your car? If so, there’s a high-tech gadget you might find intriguing. CarMD is a hand-held diagnostic device you plug into your car or truck’s computer system.


Jamie Lendino, a reviewer from PC Magazine, described CarMD as “a large but lightweight cell phone.” Lendino tested three cars I,ncluding his own 2005 Mini Cooper. “The software was able to figure out what car it was the moment I hooked up CarMD, and even pulled the vehicle identification number (VIN). Within moments, a status window appeared on the desktop with three tabs: My Summary, My Diagnosis, and Staying Healthy.” He gave the diagnostic tool a “good” rating, concluding it was “a decent way to learn more about a potential used car purchase or your own vehicle — and get a jump on (some) problems before they turn serious.”


According to CarMD’s website, their mission is to “empower our partners, vehicle owners, and drivers by providing them with solutions and software that lowers the cost of vehicle ownership.” CarMD Corp., founded by Ieon C. Chen, earned numerous industry awards and patents. If your vehicle is a 1996 or newer model, CarMD can help you diagnose a number of critical issues, such as emissions health, tire safety and electrical problems. Priced at around $99, CarMD’s software is compatible with PCs and Macs. You can purchase one of these handy gizmos through their website. So if you have a Check Engine light that won’t go away or you’re getting ready for an epic road trip, CarMD might be just what the doctor ordered.



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