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Drive a Ferrari in Italy

by Hannah Vose

Oct 30, 2014

Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy © Rqs | Dreamstime

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While most of us can’t afford to buy a Ferrari and drive it to and from work every day, it’s surprisingly affordable to pay for the opportunity to drive one in Ferrari’s ancestral home.


That home is Maranello, a northern Italian town 40 minutes outside of Bologna and half an hour south of Modena. The MOTORSTARS tour company is located in Maranello, just outside of the Ferrari factory. MOTORSTARS offers six models of Ferrari to choose from, and their drives — which cover public streets, and not the Ferrari test track — range from 10 minutes to an hour. Prices start at €80 and depend on both the model of car and length of time spent driving.


You can also choose to add the driving time onto one of their 10 all-day tours, which include tours of the Ferrari factory, the Ferrari museum and the factories, museums and show rooms of other luxury car makers in the so-called “Motorvalley.” These €220 tours include round-trip transportation from Modena or Bologna and lunch. Optional extras, including the driving experience, an F1 simulator and visiting the Lamborghini factory floor, can be purchased at extra cost.


Learn more about the Ferrari Museum in Maranello here.



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