Trazee In-Depth: Least-Visited Destinations Worth Knowing

by Angelique Platas

Jun 12, 2018

Beach in Dominica © Donnariccia | Dreamstime

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The same top tourist destinations seem to be on everyone’s list at the same time. From Croatia, France, Spain, Italy and Greece to Iceland, South Africa and Hawai’i, there is definitely a pool of favorites to choose from.

To be a lesser-known location typically means fewer tourists, more authentic cultural experiences and unique travel opportunities and events. If this sounds more your speed, this list of least-visited destinations around the world may be your new bucket list.

Liechtenstein, a German-speaking European country located between Austria and Switzerland, may be lower on traveler radars, but it boasts the same medieval architecture, Gothic cathedrals and rich history as any other nation on the continent.

Picture The Sound of Music, only with ample Neo-Gothic buildings and even more lush, rolling green hills. Visit incredible sites from the historic Vaduz Castle and royally owned Hofkellerei estate and wine trail to quaint farms, gardens and ski resorts.

If rustic, almost unruly natural beaches are your thing, Dominica is a must visit. As the least-visited Caribbean country, Dominica is difficult to get to and mostly unkempt, but wildly beautiful. Most travelers get there by way of private jet or chartered ship.

Enjoy the same lush landscape you’d see on any Caribbean Island, but none of the tourist traffic and commercial shops and restaurants. Hike along Cabrits National Park and visit an 18th-century fort to take in the views of the massive ocean around you. Visit Morne Trois Pitons National Park’s volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs and rainforests — this place is a nature-lovers dream.

On the off chance you’re able to arrange transportation to get there, check out local attractions and activities on the tourism site for more information about the least-visited Caribbean island.

Besides being fun to say, Djibouti is an East African country worth a visit. It may not be the most popular locale in Africa, but it is an interesting one. The Danakil Desert may be incredibly dry and hot, but the reprieve of Lake Abbe, a salt-water lake lining half the country, is a much-needed reprieve from the climate.

Enjoy the breeze from the Red Sea and flamingos roaming the sandy banks. Dive in for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming, or cover up from the heat to ride camels through the desert. Hike the surprisingly lush foliage of Day Forest National Park, located in the Tadjourah Region of Djibouti, along the Goda Mountains. Day Forest is a primitive oasis bursting with natural beauty.

The South Pacific is a scenic refuge offering beaches like nowhere in the world. Only problem? It’s pretty far from most heavily populated destinations. Located in the populace of Oceania countries, Tonga is a Polynesian kingdom with more 170 South Pacific islands, most uninhabited. With that said, this low-populace place offers some of the most beautiful white beaches, coral reefs and tropical rainforests in the world. It’s quite possibly so beautiful because of its lack of human interaction.

If Tonga sounds familiar, it may be because a certain flag-bearer-turned-Olympian from the last two Olympic games caused quite a stir in the American media and on other news outlets. Feel free to pause this and refresh your memory.

Another Oceania island worth remembering for future travels: The Solomon Islands are truly breathtaking. Steeped in lesser-known WWII history and boasting quaint island living, the Solomon Islands let the landscape and natural beauty speak for themselves.

Book accommodations in an eco-lodge and spend the day on the beach, boating on the crystal-blue water, fishing, hiking and visiting local village shops and restaurants. Trek the Western Province to hike up Kolombangara, an impressive volcano boasting one of the best arial views on the island you can find. Make it a true adventure and spend the night on a campsite deep in the rainforest. Visit any of the many natural waterfalls and lakes, including Mataniko Falls, and hidden caves before hopping on a boat ride back to the village.

While in the area, you may as well travel to the world’s least-visited destination, Nauru. Located far off the coast of Australia, this island is so tiny you can actually travel on foot around the entire country. Located deep in the Pacific Ocean, Nauru is almost literally a one-horse town with one airport, one main road and few enough cities you may be able to memorize them all.

Even if you’re only visiting for novelty reasons, Nauru is a tropical paradise. Ideal for skilled deep-sea divers and serious explorers, this oasis provides secret marble caves, impressive coral reefs and pristine white-sand beaches.

Next time you want to go somewhere a bit off the beaten path, consider your options. Less traveled can usually mean more exploration opportunities for you. Just be sure to pack sunscreen and maybe acquire a private jet.

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