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Tripomatic: The Ultimate Travel Planning App

by Allie Moore

Mar 24, 2015

© Tripomatic

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Plan your next trip with ease with Tripomatic, the free app that lets you find exciting attractions and sights with an all-encompassing map.


The app is ideal for travelers who lack the plan-ahead gene. Open the app on your iPhone or iPad once you arrive at your destination and view a map of the closest attractions to your current location. See something interesting but running out of time? Save it for later with the app’s storage ability. You can also sync your custom itinerary on all your devices for easy accessibility.


Tripomatic displays self-guided walking tours, shows the quickest way to get back to your hotel (subway or taxi?) and clues you into the weather forecast for the following few days.


More than 100,000 attractions in more than 150 locations are included in the app, making it impossible to miss the best sights and adventures in your destination of choice.


desktop computer website planner © Tripomatic

© Tripomatic


Bonus? You can access the app offline, which will save on roaming data fees. If you need a map to reach your attraction of interest, you won’t have to worry about losing your connection once you leave a WIFI zone.


For the travelers who do plan, Tripomatic’s accompanying website allows you to print a PDF guide so you won’t have to worry about your device’s battery strength.



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