Weird Regional Laws That Still Exist

by Angelique Platas

Mar 18, 2016

© Pojoslaw | Dreamstime

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Considering how difficult it can be to create a law, it is shocking to see how many strange and utterly ridiculous laws were passed and still exist today.


There are so many, it was easier to choose a few favorites and list them.


In Alabama, it is illegal for anyone to wear a fake mustache that could cause laughter in church, and in Indiana it is illegal to have a mustache if the person has any intention of kissing anyone.


In Arizona, it is illegal to cut down a cactus, and in Idaho it is illegal to fish from a giraffe or camel’s back.


In Alaska, it’s illegal to wake a sleeping bear for a photo — the only weird aspect of this is that is should be illegal everywhere.


It is illegal in Arkansas to mispronounce the name of the state, and in New Jersey it is illegal to slurp soup.


In California, it is legal for frog jumping races to occur, but once over, it’s illegal to eat the frog.


In Colorado, it’s illegal for car dealers to sell cars on a Sunday.


In Connecticut, a pickle is only legally considered a pickle if it bounces.


In Florida, it is illegal for a public building to have a door open inward.


In Georgia, it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sundays.


In Hawai’i, billboards are illegal, and it’s illegal to harass Bigfoot in Washington.


In Louisiana, it’s against the law to play wrestle, and in New York it is illegal to commit adultery.


In North Dakota, it is against the law the fall asleep with shoes on, and illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory in South Dakota.


It’s illegal to sell your eye in Texas, and illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator in Pennsylvania.


It’s illegal in Vermont for women to wear false teeth without permission from their husbands.


There are so many odd and implausible laws in every state still in existence. Luckily, many aren’t enforced, but many will still make one wonder what purpose they ever served.


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