Nike Free Running Shoes, the Perfect Travel Shoe

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Finding the elusive balance between functional and stylish footwear just got easier with Nike Free running shoes. Ideal for active travelers, the new Nike Free running shoes are light, comfortable and attractive with a minimalist design as opposed to a bulkier, heavier running shoe.



The shoes were designed with a midsole that expands in all directions, providing flexibility for any activity, and a durable mesh material for breathability, even in hotter weather. The soles feature siping grooves, which allow the shoe to bend and roll with ease. A soft foam cushioning provides maximum comfort regardless of how long you’re on your feet while you travel, and a customizable palette of bright colors, designs and styles are available to match any travel wardrobe.


The Nike Free running shoes feel natural and weightless, while still providing perfect support for a long day of sightseeing.


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