Nimb Smart Ring

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The Nimb Smart Ring is an ingenious and surprisingly simple way to contact help in an emergency situation, making it a perfect tool for travelers. With one press of a button the device allows you to call for help and alert others to your location so they can come running.

Nimb tracks your location in real time and sends out a call to your chosen circle of friends, family, first responders or others in the Nimb community in seconds. You simply hold down the hidden panic button on the ring for three seconds to activate the call to let others know you’re in trouble.

During setup you’ll choose the people you want in your safety circle who will be alerted when you’re in danger. It can also contact select authorities or emergency services in the area. Not only is it great for alerting others to a physical attack, but it can also be used in the event of a medical emergency while you’re on the go. Injuries, attackers and other events often leave people unable to use a phone, but with Nimb all you have to do is press a button already attacked to your hand.

While it seems to have a few limitations that might make it difficult to use overseas, we’re hoping they’ll address those problems in the future as it gains in popularity. For now it’s the perfect tool to have on hand when exploring new towns here at home.

Nimb sold out online once but is available for pre-order on the product’s website. At just $249 it seems like a great investment for the safety-conscious traveler.

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