TSA Starting to Screen Snacks

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If those notoriously pricey airport snacks are a turn-off and you plan to bring your own snacks through TSA, you may need to make a new plan.

New TSA guidelines say you might need to take your snack out of your bag for agent screening. They’re part of new guidelines that add screenings for larger electronics like tablets and e-readers, as well as powders.

“This is not required, but also helps X-ray operators get a clearer view of the contents of the bag and speeds up the screening process,” TSA said.

The new guidelines don’t change the type of food you can bring, which includes cakes, pies, bread, doughnuts, fruits and vegetables (when traveling domestically).

Removing your food prior to placing your bag through the scanner isn’t required, but doing so may help speed up the screening process. TSA also recommends you place your snacks in a zip-top bag to keep them organized and to make it easier to remove all of your food at once, rather than having to hunt through your belongings.

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