7 Places to Celebrate Your LGBTQ Pride

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  • While Pride Month evolved from New York City’s original one-day celebration, destinations all over the world now offer their own versions of celebrations throughout the month and into late summer. From Stockholm to San Francisco, here are seven fun, LGBTQ-friendly cities to visit and events to attend this season. © Anqwng |
  • New York City hosted the first Pride event in 1970 in commemoration of the Stonewall Riot. Now, tens of thousands flock to the Big Apple every June for the parade and surrounding events throughout the month. This year’s parade kicks off June 24 at noon, with more than 100 floats. © Cpenler |
  • Amsterdam is considered a liberal haven and the city’s Pride celebrations reflect the progressive, open mindset. The Amsterdam parade doesn’t take place during Pride Month, however. Instead, it’s held the first week of August, with dozens of floats traveling the canals. © Pavel Kavalenkau |
  • Claiming its status as most-popular Pride destination by attendance, Toronto hosts one of the largest celebrations in the world. The Toronto Pride Parade takes place June 24, welcoming more than 1 million spectators. © Filtv |
  • In San Francisco, the Pride celebration includes a huge festival scattered across 20 venues with 200 vendors. Marches, rallies, art displays and performances happen over the June 24th weekend, with other events occurring throughout the month. © Lawrence Weslowski Jr |
  • EuroPride is an annual LGBTI celebration hosted by a different European country each year. This year’s celebration, July 27–Aug. 19, is in Sweden, across the cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg. © Conny Sjostrom |
  • Berlin Pride takes place on or near Christopher Street Day, named after the location of the Stonewall Riots in Manhattan. Ongoing since 1979, it’s one of the biggest LGBTQ events in both Germany and Europe. This year’s Berlin Pride is July 28. © Marek Szandurski |
  • France’s largest Pride parade occurs June 30. The 42nd iteration of the event attracts as many as half a million participants, with a parade route passing notable landmarks such as the Louvre. Afterward, enjoy live music and dancing at Place de la Republique. © Eugen Andreiadis |
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