Larnaca, Cyprus © Tatiana Morozova | Dreamstime 73690213
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LGBTQ+: Cyprus

by Benjamin Kerns

© Tatiana Morozova | Dreamstime

ATL Skypointe

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Products / Clothing
Oct 17, 2018

Versatile Jackets for Fall

Fall is the perfect season. The temperatures drop and you can pull out the sweaters and jackets. At the same time you don’t yet have to swaddle yourself in puffy coats to keep from freezing to death. Joy! So with the first cool winds of autumn, it is time to review your jacket options to see what you’ve got. Luckily, plaids are in this year, as are all things 1990s. So pull out your best My So Called Life Doc Marten’s and take a look at the options.

Trends / Adventure
Oct 16, 2018

Best Hikes in South Africa

South Africa is a gorgeous country with incredible mountain ranges, deep pools of clear blue water and a bevy of animals. It’s any hiker’s dream destination because there’s so much to see and lots of land to cover. There are a multitude of trails in the country, but here are three to get started.

Trends / Top Trends
Oct 16, 2018

Thanksgiving Travel Packages to Ireland

Show your friends and family how thankful you are with a Thanksgiving travel package — well, it might be a stretch to include the whole group, but the holiday vacation package offer still stands. Exploring Ireland over fall break needs little encouragement, but a stay at Dromoland Castle in County Clare may be the tiny push you need.

Tips / Destination
Oct 15, 2018

Best Islands in Greece

Greece has many gorgeous islands. Some have vast beaches with white sand and clear blue waters, others are home to quirky characters. No matter where you visit in Greece, there is beauty to be found in every corner.

Products / Other
Oct 15, 2018

Agnimu Rehpot’s Scribes and Scribbles

This incredible book, Scribes and Scribbles, shows off the world of sci-fi traveler Agnimu Rehpot, a character in an amazing fantasy world.

Trends / History
Oct 15, 2018

Roebling Museum

Towns throughout the United States have historical backgrounds that make up the entirety of what America is today. The small town of Roebling, New Jersey, is home to a historic steel mill that was once booming with 8,000 workers who made the steel cables that constructed the Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and the George Washington Bridge.