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5 Can’t-Miss Summer Art Exhibits

by Katie Skrzek

Jun 6, 2023

© Destination Toronto

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Visit these unique art museums hosting special art exhibits this summer.


Balloon Museum

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s, Balloon Museum hosts an interactive exhibition this summer: Elevation Station. The immersive, interactive experience teaches guests the history and science of hot-air balloons.


Bata Shoe Museum

This Toronto museum is dedicated to — you guessed it — footwear. There are more than 13,000 shoes in the permanent collection, ranging from ancient Egyptian sandals to celebrity-worn shoes. The museum’s newest exhibit, Future Know: Virtual Sneakers to Cutting-Edge Kicks, presents a variety of futuristic shoe designs.


© Terramor Outdoor Resort & Destination Toronto

Hastings Museum

Hastings, Nebraska, is the birthplace of the iconic Kool-Aid beverage. The museum features a permanent exhibit dedicated to Kool-Aid and its founder, Edwin Perkins. Learn about the creation of Kool-Aid and participate in annual Kool-Aid Days this summer.


Madison Children’s Museum

Visit this Madison, Wisconsin, museum with your little one. The museum boasts a collection of unique exhibits and interactive activities. This summer, explore the Possible-opolis exhibit. The “city” features interactive puzzles and games.


Underwater Museum of Art

Located in Walton County, Florida, the country’s first permanent underwater sculpture garden provides a habitat for local marine life. The museum celebrates the addition of seven new sculptures this summer.


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