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7 Best Destinations for Wildlife Travel

by Holly Riddle

Sep 9, 2019
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  • Interested in wildlife travel? The 2019 Global Wildlife Travel Index tells you where you should go. Destinations are judged based on conservation, number of wildlife species, national park prevalence, forest area, sustainability and more. © Mailguy5 | Dreamstime.com
  • In seventh place, Spain ranks for its high number of wildlife species — 933 — as well as its early adoption of a national park system. Spain was the seventh country to establish a national park; Picos de Europa was founded in 1918. © Lunamarina | Dreamstime.com
  • Following Spain, Norway is recognized partially for its megafauna conservation, efforts the index defines as “spatial, ecological and financial contributions toward the conservation of the world’s terrestrial megafauna — large land animals.” © Tupungato | Dreamstime.com
  • The United States comes in fifth, with 2,341 wildlife species and 60 national parks. Only Mongolia bested the United States in terms of world’s oldest national park; the United States founded Yellowstone National Park in 1872. © Kalyan V. Srinivas | Dreamstime.com
  • In fourth place, Canada contains the largest number of wildlife species in the world by a large margin. The United States comes in second with 2,341 wildlife species, but Canada goes above and beyond with 6,666 different recorded species. © Mailguy5 | Dreamstime.com
  • Brazil ranks third, offering 71 national parks; nearly 30 percent of the entire country is a protected natural area of some sort, whether a natural monument, national park, nature reserve or wildlife sanctuary. © Moises Alves Costa | Dreamstime.com
  • In second place, Sweden is nearly 70 percent forested area. The country ranks first for environmental sustainability, which the index calculated according to extinction risks for groups of species. © Ghm Meuffels | Dreamstime.com
  • Finland claimed overall first place in the index. The country boasts a high level of environmental prosperity based on the quality of its natural environment, environmental pressures and preservation efforts. © Biathlonua - Dreamstime.com


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