Animals You Shouldn’t Try to Pet in Australia

by Benjamin Kerns

Aug 11, 2015

© Kamonrutm | Dreamstime


Everybody knows Australia is home to some of the coolest wildlife on the planet. However, that doesn’t mean you want to get up-close and personal with any of the animals here.


Koala © Renate Micallef | Dreamstime

© Renate Micallef | Dreamstime



These adorable guys look cute as buttons, don’t they? They’re also insanely vicious when they feel threatened and the males have a horrible tendency of violently violating the females. Not so cute and cuddly now, huh?


A kangaroo and her joey © Rozenn Leard | Dreamstime 56252353

© Rozenn Leard | Dreamstime



It’s all fun and games until you get kicked by a kangaroo. Seriously, these guys can pack a wallop and leave you severely injured if you get on their bad side. They’re wild animals, so it doesn’t take much.


Funnel Web Spider © Paul Looyen | Dreamstime 31185715

© Paul Looyen | Dreamstime


Funnel Web Spider

Some people have a fascination with spiders. We’re not sure why, but they do. This is one you definitely don’t want to mess with. The funnel web spider has enough venom to kill a human before he can even make it to the hospital.


Eastern Brown Snake © Kristian Bell | Dreamstime 41148416

© Kristian Bell | Dreamstime


Eastern Brown Snake

Snake lovers are right up there with spider lovers in terms of strangeness. Just don’t try to wrangle this one, or you might lose a limb.


Bull Shark © Fiona Ayerst | Dreamstime 22911574

© Fiona Ayerst | Dreamstime


Bull Shark

Everyone seems to be afraid of Great Whites ever since Jaws came out, but it’s the bull shark you need to watch out for. These guys are known for their vicious nature and won’t hesitate to make you a snack given the chance.


Platypus © Johncarnemolla | Dreamstime 28577812

© Johncarnemolla | Dreamstime



This poor guy is often the butt of many jokes thanks to his silly, but cute, appearance. If he gets his venomous stinger near you there won’t be much to joke about. They won’t kill you, but the pain is almost unbearable.



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