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Baseball-Themed Getaways in Cooperstown

by Kimberly Krol

Feb 14, 2015

Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, New York © Glenn Nagel | Dreamstime

Baseball Glove Bat Ball, Cooperstown, New York © The Inn at Cooperstown | Jumping Rocks Photography

Baseball Glove Bat Ball, Cooperstown, New York © The Inn at Cooperstown | Jumping Rocks Photography

Foodies and baseball fans will delight with a special offer from The Inn at Cooperstown and the Cooperstown Distillery. Just in time for Spring Training, the Lodging and Libations deal hits it out of the park for fanatics, and is available March 13–14 and April 17–18. The offer starts at $625 for double occupancy.


Gourmet meals crafted by Lucy Townsend, owner of L.M. Townsend Catering, are distilled with popular spirits from Cooperstown Distillery, including Beanball Bourbon, Abner Doubleday’s Double Play Vodky and Classic American Whiskey. The Inn at Cooperstown’s 18 rooms are less than two blocks from The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.


In addition to the gourmet, multicourse dinner at the distillery, the offer also includes:

  • Two-night lodging at The Inn at Cooperstown

    Exterior Inn Hotel Cooperstown, New York 2 © The Inn at Cooperstown | Elizabeth Campbell

    © The Inn at Cooperstown | Elizabeth Campbell

  • A VIP after-hours tour and tasting at Cooperstown Distillery
  • One bottle of vodka, gin or bourbon from the distillery
  • One Cooperstown Distillery logo glass per person
  • Transportation to and from the Distillery
  • 5 percent coupon for dinner at Nicoletta’s Italian Café



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