Café Clock – Fes, Morocco

by Allie Moore

Jun 26, 2015

Fes, Morocco © Eterovic | Dreamstime


When in a culturally unfamiliar city like Fes, Morocco, it can be helpful to go somewhere the staff speaks your language and you´re able to chat with fellow travelers about what to see and do. Fes is a budding tourism city, but it still lacks certain qualities that make it welcoming to visitors. Thus, Café Clock serves as an unofficial meeting place for foreigners and travelers to gather, share tips and enjoy copious mint tea and international dishes.


Tucked away down a dark alley hidden in the Medina (like most other businesses within the walls of the ancient city), Café Clock is three stories tall and features a bar, library, cozy and casual dining areas and a rooftop terrace with views of nearby mosques. With a gentle breeze and colorful views, it can be difficult to leave the terrace´s cozy booths and sofas.


The friendly staff speaks many languages and serves tasty dishes like the camel burger, a Fes Platter with tapas dishes like hummus, and an aubergine and goat cheese quiche.


Café Clock also offers Moroccan cooking classes for those willing to experiment with the pungent spices. The class includes a trip to the market to purchase ingredients and a few hours in the kitchen preparing a three-course meal. Begin and end your days at this relaxing café where new friends and delicious food await.


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