Christmas-Themed Restaurants in the United States

by Nia Scott

Dec 29, 2018

There’s nothing quite like Christmastime in New York City. From the extravagant window displays to the world’s tallest Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, there’s so much to see. © Taiga |

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During the holiday season, towns across America prepare for Christmas by putting up decorations and hanging lights. It’s a time of year that brings together friends and family and makes people more joyful. Restaurants use this holiday cheer in their establishments to make the dining experience better than expected. Customers will appreciate restaurants that go the extra mile to mix the fun and excitement of the holidays with a delicious meal.


In Austin, Texas, there’s a restaurant that embodies the Christmas spirit all year long. They have taken the cheer and merriment of the holiday and used it to raise their level of service. It’s lit by string lights and covered in humorous holiday decorations. The restaurant, Lala’s, is highly reviewed and called a great neighborhood bar. The servers will say “Merry Christmas” all year-round.


In New York on Third Avenue is the gorgeous Rolf’s German Restaurant. The establishment is decorated beautifully. Some might call it extreme, but, for Christmas lovers, this is a spot not to be missed. From the moment people cross the threshold, they enter a Christmas wonderland. The restaurant also serves great food and drinks. It attracts a younger crowd that loves to take pictures with the lights and ornaments.


Butch McGuires is a great bar for those looking to have a good night and indulge in holiday cheer at the same time. It’s exploding with lights and decorations. There are tons of lights and a toy train set that customers can be entertained by. Every December this establishment changes into a winter wonderland.


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