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Empire State South

by Benjamin Kerns

Sep 27, 2019

© F11photo | Dreamstime

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Empire State South arrived on the scene less than a decade ago, but cemented itself as a must-try among the busy Atlanta culinary scene. The restaurant’s focus on what could be described as upscale Southern comfort sets it apart from the rest.


The restaurant is famous for its farm egg appetizer on crispy rice with beef and mushroom sausage, sweet pepper and corn. The truly unique offering is unlike anything you’ve ever had and an excellent treat to help you start your meal. The main entrees showcase a pricey cut of meat in the rib eye, but also boasts impressive seafood offerings like trout and mahi. I sampled the trout and was thoroughly impressed.


For dessert, I opted for the tried-and-true apple pie, because what’s more American South than that? The pie had an added touch of white chocolate and salted caramel ice cream on top, which turned it into pure perfection.


The atmosphere in Empire State South is pleasant, and feels formal. The décor is pretty dark, which makes for a great mood for a date night, but not appealing when you’re out with a group of friends for a light evening. However, the staff is exceptional and friendly, and happy to offer suggestions. Incredible food and fair prices made for a wonderful meal, and I would certainly visit again next time I’m in town.


Empire State South

999 Peachtree St

NE #140, Atlanta, GA 30309

tel. 404 541 1105


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