Flexi Lexi Yoga Pants

by Nicole Quasté

Sep 19, 2017

© Flexi Lexi

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If you’re not a workout lover, sometimes you need a little something extra for encouragement (aside from a post-workout, self-rewarded piece of cake). Flexi Lexi yoga pants make fitness a lot more fun with some of the cutest and most colorful products we’ve seen on the market.

Born out of frustration over ill-fitting sports bras, Flexi Lexi decided to make its own. Based in Bangkok, the fitness apparel brand expanded its online store to include yoga pants, dancer leggings, shorts, swimwear, maternity wear and more.

Flexi Lexi products are well known for quality; lightweight, quick-dry material; perfect fit; comfort; and now, bold prints and colors. The yoga pants are ideal for traveling — making it easy to look cute while partaking in fitness classes, hiking, sightseeing or just lounging around.


© Flexi Lexi

© Flexi Lexi


Some of our favorite prints and colors include the green ombré polka dots, herringbone ombré, rainbow, paint splatter, fun Aztec and 50 shades of pink. There are more than two dozen options to choose from for the yoga and dancer pants alone, so visit the website to browse the collection.

While Flexi Lexi apparel is available in several retailers in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and Scandinavia, its entire collection is available online. Its high-quality leggings are $59–85, depending on print.

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