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GoPro Hero4

by Cameron King

Dec 28, 2014

Mike Golder in Santa Cruz, California © Paul Topp | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

With a catchphrase of,“Simply the best,” how could you not want this?


The GoPro Hero4 has uses for literally everything, and you can take these tiny cameras and their waterproof housing either on, below or even miles above the surface we stand on. The company, based out of San Mateo, Calif., a suburb of San Francisco, launched their nearly indestructable cameras in 2002, primarily for surfers. But everyone, from skydivers, travelers and zookeepers to fighter pilots and your neighborhood soccer mom, is using them.


The uses are truly unlimited. The GoPro Hero4 is the current pinnacle of what the company has to offer, compared at the current $499.99 price point over a possible $700–800 DSLR.


The Hero4 features a 4K30, 2.7K50 and full 1080p120 video while shooting at 12 megapixels. With up to 30 frames per second (for slow-mo) and built in WiFi so your photos and video go straight to your computer (or can be used for live streaming), this little camera packs a bunch. Built in Bluetooth and Protune allow for seamless playback and audio as well. Did I mention it comes with a back-lit LED screen for replays?


All in all, lightweight, compact, rugged, 6-plus hour recording battery life, stills and video recording? The GoPro Hero4 packs a wallop, and should definitely be in your bag when you begin your next adventure.



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