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Green Cooking with the GoSun Solar Cooker

by Jack Guy

Sep 30, 2015

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Products / Technology

Fuel-free cookers offer benefits in a number of situations, and the GoSun is a portable, efficient solar cooker.


The GoSun can reach temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit using just the rays of the sun. Food is placed into a tube in the middle of the stove, whose curved sides focus the sun’s energy on the tube. Bake, boil and fry a number of different meals, which can be ready in just 20 minutes thanks to GoSun technology.


Instead of lugging around a gas stove and cylinder on your next camping trip, consider taking a GoSun. It’s ready to cook in seconds and weighs just 4 pounds, making it a quick, convenient way to cook anytime there is sun. Don’t worry if there is intermittent cloud cover, the insulated tube keeps the food hot, allowing it to continue cooking.



As there is no open flame, the GoSun is easier to use, and far safer for those with small children. The lack of fuel means once you’ve paid the upfront cost of the stove, it will be free to use for the rest of its working life.


These properties make solar stoves the perfect tool to improve living conditions for families in the developing world, and the GoSun Empowerment Program aims to do just that. In conjunction with a number of global partners, GoSun educates those in need about the benefits of solar cooking before providing them with stoves for their own use.


The GoSun Stove raised $203,217 on Kickstarter, which will see 120 stoves donated to families in need.



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