Keeping Bugs Away During a Campfire

by Erich Martin

Aug 12, 2019

© Vovik1978 | Dreamstime

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There might be no greater annoyance than settling in around the campfire and realizing bugs are out in full force. Campfires will often do the lion’s share of the work in keeping bugs away, but sometimes you need a little more firepower.


The most obvious answer to the question of keeping bugs away, other than bug spray, is to have a steady supply of citronella products. There is a wide variety of candles, torches and other products available, like these from Home Depot.


If the citronella candles aren’t to your liking, consider a torch. The torches are functionally the same, but offer a cool aesthetic.


If you want to permanently remove certain problem insects, consider a zapper. These can attract mosquitos from up to 1.5 acres away and can help drop your local mosquito population. If you need more acreage of coverage, consider a zapper with a wider range.


If these more permanent fixtures don’t excite you, consider going for some good old-fashioned DEET spray. The spray can be re-applied every so often to keep a persistent, bug-free zone around the campfire.





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