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Pepper Spray Alternatives

by Benjamin Kerns

May 18, 2020

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Pepper spray is one of the best forms of self protection when traveling. However, it’s not always legal depending on the country you’re in and it gets a bit messy when used. Here are some alternatives to help keep you safe.


Stun Gun
A stun gun is legal in nearly every state in the United States, and quite a few countries. The regulations regarding traveling with them are strict, but not impassable. Few methods of self-defense are as effective as a stun gun without being fatal. Check the local laws of where you’re going before packing one, though.


Tactical Gloves
If you have a bit of hand-to-hand combat experience, tactical gloves can be useful. They’re essentially just gloves with hard knuckles. They’re quite literally a way to pack a punch and can save you in a pinch. Even if you don’t have much fighting knowledge, they can still aid you in a hairy situation.


Tactical Pens
There are also a variety of tactical pens designed for safety. They often include glass-breaking tools, bright LED lights and impact edges that can do enough damage to convince an attacker to back off. They’re also great for when you find yourself trapped in a locked car with seemingly no way out.


Flashlights can also be a great tool for self-defense. Opt for something that shines extremely bright in the dark. Shine it into a potential attacker’s eyes to allow yourself a chance to escape. If all else fails, knock ‘em over the head with it and run.


Personal Alarms
Personal alarms are the perfect tool for anyone who isn’t able to take a stand during a confrontation. They set off a loud signal that you’re in danger, alerting anyone around that could help. They’re also cheap, and small enough to fit in your pocket.


Remember it’s rarely a good idea to engage a robber or attacker in a physical fight. Your best option is usually to yell for help and run. If they’re after your money, it might be safer to hand it over and cut your losses than risk an altercation.


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