Poler Outdoor Stuff Napsack: My Travel BFF

by Anna Crowe

Sep 16, 2014

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You kicked off the rain-free weekend in your flannel t-shirt and camp socks while listening to Sweet Caroline in the great outdoors. Next up on your travel queue? Camping on the beach in Assateague Seashore, Maryland. To help prep for your off-the-grid getaway, sleep under the stars with a durable, yet comfy, new camping essential, the Napsack.


Some people associate sleeping bags as just a place to sleep. To others, the warm swishy bag of comfort brings a design similar to the cocoon-style of a snuggie. Meet the Napsack — a puffy wearable sleeping bag fit for a campfire or walking around the house during wintertime. No matter which camp you’re in, couch surfers, festivalgoers and travelers can now flaunt their chill vibes in style.


Although this may not be your idea of conventional wilderness gear, the Napsack is the perfect loose fitting outfit if you’re feeling outdoorsy or just feel like getting a little R&R. The days of the musty old sleeping bag and blanket are long gone. This sleeping bag with arms comes with a drawstring to cinch at the waist, a hidden pocket to store your cellphone, holes for your headphones and microfiber to keep you warm.


So before you hit the woods or your couch, head over to Poler Outdoor Stuff for more interesting details about the Napsack brand, and go out and enjoy the right to snuggle with your Napsack this fall.



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