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Products That Help You Sleep While Traveling

by Susan Finch

Aug 22, 2019

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You’ve planned every last detail of your trip, from the perfect accommodations to tours to enjoy, but overlooked one crucial element: sleep. Travel and time changes throw off our circadian rhythms and lead to sleep loss. However, sleep deprivation can dull your response time, throw you into a depression, age your skin and pack on the pounds. It also just makes you irritable during much-deserved vacation time. Although you may not be able to restore your sleep to its full capacity on the road, you can get more rest with these products that help you sleep while traveling.


Trtl Travel Pillow
We’ve all been that traveler who dozed off only to awaken from our heads wobbling around for the next hour or two. Old-school neck pillows are out, and innovative Trtl Travel Pillows are in with head and neck support. Unlike old neck pillows, Trtl is half the size and weighs just half a pound. They’re also machine washable and are scientifically proven to provide head and neck support. You can even mold it to fit your neck and jaw’s natural shape for a restful snooze.


Etymotic ETY-Plugs High-Fidelity Earplugs
Lucky travelers who can pass out anywhere regardless of the noise are the envy of many. But you can enjoy your own noise-free rest with some serious earplugs. The Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs soften loud noise and reduce sound to approximately 20 decibels at all frequencies. Originally designed with musicians and music lovers in mind, these earplugs offer wayward travelers some rest from loud airports, jet noise and crowds.


Cotton Sleep Mask
Light dramatically impacts our sleep quality, and trying to catch a cat nap on a flight can prove challenging. Darkness is essential to sleep and experiencing light at the wrong time can send our sleep clock into a tailspin. A simple sleep mask can help recreate the darkness you need for sleep, but they’re not always comfortable. Instead of choosing wool or synthetic material with a strap around your head, opt for this cotton sleep mask on Amazon. It’s comfortable, breathable and is fashioned into an adjustable blinder blindfold to comfortably wrap around your eyes or tuck into its travel pouch.


Make stocking up on travel products a priority for your next vacation and take control over your sleep. Instead of coming home exhausted, you could even return well-rested from your trip and ready to face your day-to-day routine.


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