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Scough Boosts Your Protection Against Germs

by Krystle Vermes

Dec 9, 2014

© Scough

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© Scough

© Scough

It’s no secret traveling comes with its fair share of germs. Everything from the airport bathroom to the airplane tray table is full of bacteria, whether or notyou want to think about it. Now, you can protect yourself in a fashionable way — with a Scough!


Scough, which sounds like a combination of the word “scarf” and “cough,” protects you against the cold and bacteria. The scarf wraps around your neck and face, providing a barrier between you and the airborne germs and pollution in your environment.


Each Scough product comes with a carbon filter that keeps ickiness away from your face. The carbon filter lasts up to three months, and replacements can be bought on the Scough website for $17 a piece.


Depending on which Scough product you want, you can spend anywhere from $49 on a checkered flannel scarf to $29 on a paisley bandana for the utmost protection. Scough, which originates from Brooklyn, has a wide variety of options to choose from on its website. Its products are for both men and women, meaning anyone can enjoy a Scough, and it makes a perfect gift. In addition, Scough ships globally through its Etsy store for the utmost convenience.


Of course, there’s no guarantee you won’t catch a cold while you’re wearing a Scough, but it doesn’t hurt to boost your protection, right?




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